What's New


3.2.12 Jan 2, 2023
  • fixed reissue check function
  • fixed locales.pl to generate the 'all' file
  • removed delete option from AR/AP transaction report if enforce transaction reversal is set
3.2.11 March 14, 2022
  • updated Postrgesql options
  • fixed batchprint query
  • fixed logfile entries
  • reset cc and bcc variables in batch email function
  • fixed formatting error for pre-payments on orders when sending email
  • added lot to transfer inventory module
3.2.10 June 22, 2021
  • added tax rate to tax descriptions
  • show taxes for tax included on entry forms
  • fixed missing DCN when batch printing or emailing
  • added message to internal notes when batch emailing
  • fixed POS readonly access
  • fixed payments formatting issue when printing to queue
  • trap errors when translating files
3.2.9 Jan 8, 2020
  • added general ledger report option to list transactions by account
  • added company name to reports and some entry screens
  • added feature to set previous shipto address to recurring effectively hiding previously used addresses; default is set to hide
3.2.8 June 17, 2019
  • added check to disallow use of template[0|1]
  • fixed DCN bug when generating invoices
  • fixed components report to display all items
  • fixed payroll deduction calculation
  • changed archivedata table to retrieve tuples in an orderly fashion
  • increase expires in semaphore table to accomodate 12 digits
  • removed error check for last accounts used
  • fixed issue with password when upgrading
3.2.7 Nov 17, 2018
  • fixed inventory bug when converting an order to an invoice
  • added option to limit sales to inventory on hand
  • added option to hide closed accounts
  • added lot and expiry date for parts and assemblies
  • added option to force using a warehouse
  • fixed missing function call for printing timecards
  • added storescards for batch printing and queueing
  • fixed display for first selected customer/vendor on payment screen
  • added upload image function
  • added make and model to selection screen and forms
  • changed cookie to allow space in login names
  • fixed subtotals on payroll report
  • added missing module link for batch printing
  • fixed totals on invoices with kits
3.2.6 Dec 27, 2017
  • added missing select all Javascript to reminders
  • fixed missing project link when editing payroll transaction
  • added option to lock invoice/order/quotation/customer/employee numbers
  • added missing javascript on batch report screen to un/select all
  • added code to use a common template directory
3.2.5 Apr 10, 2017
  • exclude backorders on salesorder report
  • merged foreign exchange gain / loss account
  • fixed incorrect onhand quantity display on invoices / orders when warehouse selected
  • update tax setting for parts and services when changing tax account
  • added missing input criteria for audit log report
3.2.4 Mar 21, 2017
  • included missing spool and templates directory in archive
3.2.3 Feb 7, 2017
  • added pdftk to combine PDF files
  • added missing period selection on voucher search screen
  • added option to generate income statement and balance sheet from a template
3.2.2 Dec 26, 2016
  • added per user printer configuration option
  • fixed broken pipe for parts report printing
  • fixed unescaped left brace regex warning
  • added missing functions for voiding checks and receipts
  • added dropdowns for country, salespeople/employee and type of business on customer/vendor search screen
  • added period selection to customer/vendor search screen
  • disallow creating admin login
3.2.1 June 11, 2016
  • added option to change database password and host
  • fixed partsreport subtotal grouping
  • updated character set list for postgresql
  • moved templates into directories for easier maintenance
  • added General Ledger import
  • fixed adding a new language
  • added Service Company COA for Germany
  • added missing to email for reminders
  • fixed foreign exchange for orders with prepayments
  • added maximum number of tries for one time TAN login
  • added units for timecard in generate sales order function
  • changed character encoding to select option
  • added payment info to print on order
  • added totals for income sheet and balance sheet when headings are not included
  • changed error reporting when creating a new dataset
  • added xelatex option to generate PDF files
  • added client_encoding to preferences
3.2.0 Jan 14, 2016
  • kits, similar to assemblies but non-stocking and processed as a bundle when sold or purchased. Items can either be shown on an invoice/packing list or hidden. This features is also useful for bundling such things as promotional giveaways, bottle deposits, core charges, etc.
  • enter pre-payments made to vendor at time of order. Same for customer orders, enter deposits received on order.
  • CMS. Attach reference documents to customers, employees, transactions, projects, etc. Documents can be kept "Confidential" so not everyone has access to the documents.
  • Upload documents and attach to transactions. Once documents are attached they can be viewed by the program associated with the type of document. i.e launch a spreadsheet in openoffice or Excell, or display a word document in your word processor.
  • consolidate multiple orders and generate an invoice. Add your own description to indicate for which period the invoice is for. i.e For services rendered / beginning date - ending date.
  • tighter security with added audit control functions. New function for audit log to review who has done what.
  • consolidated tax reports.
  • warehouse transfer form and transaction log.
  • display price history for items and pick price.
  • Javascript code such as a calendar to pick a date, or to pick a price from a price history, etc.
  • consolidate multiple invoices into one invoice.
  • display margins for individual items and totals on invoices and orders.
  • fixed taxes for batch print function.
  • fixed taxes for multiple taxes with a valid to date.
  • changed printer string in check print module.
  • added missing variable for taxreports.
  • fixed division by zero error for credit invoices.
  • fixed check printing for multiple vendors.
  • added missing FROM clause in price matrix query.
  • added missing printer variable to ship/receive merchandise screen.
  • ship/receive merchandise screen included closed orders when an order number was entered for a search criteria.
  • re-open order if linked invoice is deleted.
  • added reset_shipped function.
  • added two-step login with TAN sent to email account so one cannot log in without it
  • batch warehouse transfer for assemblies.
  • changed import function to disregard extra fields in import file.
  • fixed rounding error for discounts.
  • payment register interface.
  • void checks/payments.
  • reissue checks/payments.
  • set accounts inactive.
  • added UTF-8 translations for all translations.
3.0.8 Apr 9, 2015
  • fixed taxes for batch print function
  • fixed taxes for multiple taxes with a valid to date
  • changed printer string in check print module
  • added missing balance sheet templates
  • added missing variable for taxreports
  • fixed division by zero error for credit invoices
  • fixed check printing for multiple vendors
  • added missing FROM clause in price matrix query
3.0.7 Feb 10, 2015
  • added transaction locking for payroll
  • added COGS difference for credit invoices
  • fixed reconciliation to reconcile transactions with no source
  • added fixed deduction for payroll
  • fixed formatting for PDF parts report
3.0.6 Feb 12, 2014
  • changed import function to disregard extra fields in import file
  • added encoding for names to email function
  • added source check to reconciliation
  • changed credit invoices to return items to inventory at last cost
3.0.5 May 24, 2013
  • two step login procedure with one-time password
  • payment method variable for invoice
  • limit levels for reminders
  • fixed role assignment
3.0.4 Jan 23, 2013
  • changed description on invoices/orders from textarea to input field, field switches over to textarea again if more than one line of text is entered
  • fixed sort order index for parts report
  • fixed discount formatting error
  • added missing closing tag for totals line for the payroll transaction report
  • added formatting to print barcodes with special characters
  • added missing format for sum carried forward variable
3.0.3 June 5, 2012
  • fixed version number entry for backup/restore
  • fixed buttons for POS screen
  • changed function call to remove locks
  • removed hash reference checks
3.0.2 Apr 17, 2012
  • restrict access role selection for users to lower access roles only
  • added admin check
  • changed "over" field so the newer versions of postgres (7.4+) won't complain about a reserved word
  • changed backslash in queries to avoid warning from postgres
  • fixed partsgroup selection on parts entry screen to reselect group
  • fixed role movement
3.0.1 Apr 11, 2012
  • fixed formatting error for payments when format is set to 1.000,00
  • updated Dutch translation
3.0.0 Apr 1, 2012
  • payments export file for use with BDD, DTA
  • multiple rounding options based on type of payment
  • save and restore public and private report layouts
  • GL report with contra accounts
  • import sales invoices, purchase and sales orders, pricelists, parts, services, labor, partsgroups, customers and vendors
  • generate same invoice for multiple customers
  • barcode and label printing for received merchandise and stock on hand
  • data driven payroll system
  • revised template editor
  • hierarchical group selection
  • role based user managment
  • multi-company environment with admin access
  • administration module to access dataset
  • restore any version dataset
  • consolidate sales / purchase orders
2.8.37 Feb 10, 2012
  • fixed shipped quantity when saving a sales or purchase order as a new order.
  • added account number and fixed tax update when entering a valid to date
  • added link to online manual
2.8.36 Dec 1, 2011
  • fixed batch queue printing function to print archived file
  • updated dutch translation
2.8.35 Sep 6, 2011
  • fixed yearend function
2.8.34 Aug 23, 2011
  • fixed foreign currency transaction to preserve exchange rate
  • revised balance sheet and income statement now has option to include more periods and to reverse the display
  • changed message ID for mailer
  • fixed SQL injection
2.8.33 Dec 12, 2010
  • fixed discount formatting error when converting quotation to order
2.8.32 Nov 22, 2010
  • fixed SQL injection
  • fixed date paid formatting
  • updated Dutch translation
2.8.31 Oct 4, 2010
  • moved Sunday on timecard report to keep weekend together
  • fixed update problem with multiple taxes
  • removed extra lines from Vouchers menu
2.8.30 Apr 2, 2010
  • added inventory transfer module
  • fixed broken pipe issue when printing reminders
2.8.29 Mar 1, 2010
  • fixed missing internal notes on orders
  • added sales/purchase order import option
2.8.28 Jan 15, 2010
  • fixed missing cc, bcc when converting sales order to invoice
  • added default value for exchange rate on reports
  • added additional fields for customer/vendor search
2.8.27 Nov 4, 2009
  • fixed payment for recurring transactions
  • fixed lineitem discount when converting order to invoice
2.8.26 Oct 20, 2009
  • fixed AR aging duplicates in report
  • DST duedate and terms calculation
2.8.25 Oct 5, 2009
  • added customer and vendor import function
  • added variables for remittance forms and reminder notices
  • added companyemail and companywebsite variables
  • fixed internal notes display for new transactions
  • added modulo calculation for spoolfiles
  • import payments with DCN for open and closed transactions
  • added message handling for admin locks
  • fixed emtpy line issue with template editor
2.8.24 Apr 2, 2009
  • added reminders; keep track of level
  • added customernumber variable for generating document control numbers
  • additional option to calculate check digits according to modulo 10 and 11
2.8.23 Feb 12, 2009
  • corrected version number
2.8.22 Feb 11, 2009
  • removed extra files not needed
2.8.21 Feb 8, 2009
  • fixed formatting error for recurring transactions
  • make/model is now included on parts reports with invoices
  • added function to assign new number
  • added variable to include proper shipping address for batch printing
2.8.20 Jan 12, 2009
  • fixed "database handle destroyed" error when printing
2.8.19 Dec 27, 2008
  • added missing localization strings for batch printing module
  • added query to unlock orders when invoice is removed
  • added option to generate detailed purchase orders from sales orders
  • cross-reference consolidated orders; recall original order
  • shipping address selection; select from previous addresses or enter a new address
  • added missing lineitem details on ship/receive screen
  • changed template parser to allow for multiple spaces and inline if statements
2.8.18 Oct 29, 2008
  • workaround for Bizarre copy error caused by perl 5.10
  • lock order if it has been converted to an invoice
  • added user name and email for statements
  • fixed parts history order
  • added payment method variable for invoices
2.8.17 July 29, 2008
  • added option to process recurring transactions anytime
  • fixed formatting error for payments when amounts > 1000 and numberformat set to other than NA format.
  • added item lookup on order/invoice forms
2.8.16 July 1, 2008
  • added quantity, warehouse when checking for obsolete parts
  • added array initialization for perl 5.10
  • fixed sales invoice import to separate invoices by invoice number for the same customer
  • fixed wrong number assignment when printing/posting vendor invoice
  • fixed several formatting errors when number format set to European format
  • added default ship to address for generated purchase orders
2.8.15 June 12, 2008
  • added array initialization to get rid of the "Bizarre copy of ARRAY in aassign" error on newer perl versions
2.8.14 Mar 19, 2008
  • fixed requirements query to include assemblies from open orders
  • changed semaphore query so PostgreSQL 8.3 won't barf
  • updated Danish translation
  • added shipto addresses for statements
  • added variable initialization so perl 5.8 on RH won't complain
2.8.13 Feb 20, 2008
  • added subject, message and inline/attachment option to batch email
  • removed extra line when "Ship all" was clicked
  • added missing customer number to generate sales order list
  • fixed foreign exchange gain/loss calculation when exchange rate is 1
  • added company name to title line for account detail report
  • updated German and Swiss German translations
2.8.12 Jan 30, 2008
  • added missing language code variable for template editor
  • fixed beginning balance for GL detail report
  • fixed missing FROM clause in non-taxable report
2.8.11 Jan 5, 2008
  • added login and password check to disallow non-alphanumeric characters
  • fixed update bug for AR/AP Transaction when scheduling transaction
  • fixed missing statement handle for restocking assembly function
2.8.10 Dec 18, 2007
  • fixed lineitem reordering for previously saved orders and quotations
  • fixed missing function call for payments batch
  • added mid-commit to voucher posting routine to override PostgreSQL's 8+ constraint bug
  • added reference to yearend procedure if none is supplied
  • added missing function call to destroy statement handle
  • updated French translation
2.8.9 Dec 10, 2007
  • revised customer/vendor selection for aging report to include only customers/vendors with open invoices
  • fixed precision bug in generate purchase order function
  • new function for assembly changeups
  • change account links for parts and services
  • generate CSV file for payments due
  • added language selection for income sheet, trial balance and balance sheet
  • added MS SQL support
2.8.8 Sept 12, 2007
  • added payment methods
  • select remittance vouchers for batch printing by payment method
  • include payment methods in transaction reports
  • added payment method filter to payments screen
  • added company to all report headers
  • option to sort aging report by customer/vendor number
  • limit aging report name selection to customers/vendors with open invoices
  • added invoice description for check printing
  • import payments from bank and match to invoices
  • fixed missing transaction number assignment for "Post and Print"
  • fixed aging report; if only one name was selected the first entry on a summary report did not show up
2.8.7 Aug 2, 2007
  • locks expire based on the user's timeout value
  • fixed directory traversal bug
  • set precision depending on currency
  • COA can now be in different languages with the same account numbers
  • batch print remittance vouchers
  • added missing currency for FX adjustment
  • new variables for period calculations to specify service period on invoices/orders
  • reorder currency list
  • display Balance Sheet and Income Statement in different currencies
2.8.6 June 29, 2007
  • document control and remittance voucher number with modulo 10 check digit
  • choose which fields to include for timecard reports
  • added notes to timecard and "Generate Sales Order" report
  • record FX adjustments (this is in lieu of the Cash -> Transfer function from previous versions)
  • requirements report for parts/assemblies/services based on date required
2.8.5 May 22, 2007
  • select groups to include for POS screen
  • fixed problem with PDF email attachments
  • added phone and fax variable for shipto address
  • foreign exchange rates are kept on an update instead of retrieving the default value
  • fixed query for bank account information
  • show employee's name if form is locked
  • function to remove locks
2.8.4 May 9, 2007
  • post foreign currency GL transactions
  • specify foreign exchange rates for every transaction and payment
  • add/edit/delete default exchange rates
2.8.3 May 1, 2007
  • bank account details
  • payment methods for electronic banking
  • generate remittance voucher with invoice
  • print remittance voucher on different printer
  • generate multiple copies for PDF viewer
2.8.2 Apr 27, 2007
  • fixed debit and credit invoice to allocate items from other invoices
  • added Debit and Credit Invoice buttons on GL report
  • COA for Slovak Republic, updated translation and templates
2.8.1 Apr 14, 2007
  • logins with an @ sign and logins which contained the same string are now parsed properly
  • fixed formatting error for amount paid in payment and payments screen
  • fixed POS receipts transaction report
  • excluded semaphore table from backup
  • GL transactions with a split between the same account and without a distinct source are now included in the reconciliation screen
  • added character escaping for latex when character set is set to UTF-8
2.8.0 Mar 29, 2007
  • default account links for customers and vendors for payment, AR/AP and cash discount accounts
  • early payment discount terms. i.e 2/10/30 etc.
  • discount calculation per GAAP and European standards
  • Debit/Credit Notes
  • voucher system with Payables, GL, Payment and Payment Reversal vouchers
  • limit payment selection by AR/AP account and currency
  • description for invoices/orders
  • enhanced variable replacement in templates
  • Employee/Salesperson selection for transaction report
  • additional options for history reports
  • import sales invoices from CSV file
  • revised reconciliation procedure based on dates to match bank statements
  • new screen layout for invoices and orders
  • Debit/Credit invoices to manage returned merchandise
  • summarized/detailed view of open invoices scheduled for payment
  • new batch print/email/spool procedure to regenerate invoices
  • on hold status; put any invoice on hold to exclude from payment
  • exclude vendors from payment run if outstanding amount is below a certain threshold
  • waybill number
  • packing list with dimensions and weight
  • printable vendor invoices
  • warehouse links on orders and invoices
  • new 15, 45, 75 day option for aging reports in addition to the 30/60/90 periods
  • show zeros instead of blanks if there is no value
  • links between orders and invoices so quantities are not updated if a converted closed order is deleted
  • type of contact to differentiate between companies and persons
  • additional fields for salutation, first- and lastname, mobile phone, title, gender, occupation if contact is a person
  • additional fields for tool number, HS code and country of origin
  • variable replacement for description, notes, internal notes and email message now include first and last day, month, day and year
  • set precision to 0, 2, etc.

older stuff is in the history file.