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Lance Hunt(R)

26.07.2017, 07:54

non-decimal currencies (General)


Thanks to this post http://www.sql-ledger.com/userforum/forum_entry.php?id=261 I know I can set SQL-Ledger to work correctly with a non-decimal currency like Yen or Vatu.

Our problem is that we bill in USD, AUD and Vatu. If we create an item costing 1000 vatu it shows as 1000.00 vatu in the invoice, which is not ideal, it confuses the customers.

If we set zero decimal places and create an item costing AUD10.75 it shows in the invoice as $11. And when we bill our hourly rate as say 1.75 for an hour and therr quarters, the same thing happens - it is rounded.

Is there some way to fix this? A work-around maybe?

Or do we need to set it to zero decimals and just accept the rounding for the other currencies?




11.08.2017, 21:36

@ Lance Hunt

non-decimal currencies

Hi Lance
I been thinking about your nice problem.
When on holiday, I too like to spend some Vatu,
Is this non-decimal question simply a matter of presentation on some of your Sales Invoice/s ?
I'm assuming your back-end and reporting is all working correctly.
So it could/should/might be possible to create a custom procedure that gets called by ar.pl to check which currency you're using for that Invoice, and perform different roundings on the Invoice according to your liking.
Since this seems to be simply an Invoice presentation issue, you'd not be changing anything in the underlying database or functioning of SQL-L.
This is merely a random suggestion for you to consider.
My $0.02 only, GST included. (Rounds to $0)

Edit. There's good information regarding custom procedures included in the manual.

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