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14.04.2017, 22:42

Datepicker and user Manual (General)

Hello Dieter

We're upgrading from 3.0.5 to 3.2.5
Wow, so much has changed !

The first user impression is that some operations of the datepicker are annoying, when it should be useful.
Only when the date field is empty, click at the icon, and calendar opens as expected.
Can I change my mind and use the escape key to close the calendar popup ? Alas no.
And once there's a date already in the field, I can't click at the icon to open the calendar to change the date.
Need to clear the old date, then click at icon. Seems unnecessarily clumsy.
We have some other browser applications using the jquery datepicker, which from a user perspective works very nicely.
Downside is the very large library of functions.
Please, this is shared as constructive feedback, not criticism.
We've been using SQL-L for many years, and intend to continue.

Also, I want to purchase latest copy of your Manual, since my current copy is seriously outdated.
What was the date of "publication" of the current Manual ?

More thanks

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