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15.05.2016, 18:42

Reconciled items appearing from the past (General)

I'm using 3.0.6

When I reconcile my bank account, some old entries are brought up.

For example, in 2016 (now), a few came up from 2012 and were unchecked. I went back to an old 2012 statement and re-did the reconciliation to check one of them. Then, several more appeared.

Then, I reconciled from the beginning, in 2011, to the current statement in one shot.

Now, they still appear but they are checked.

Last month, I couldn't get some old ones to stay checked. At that time, I re-entered those and deleted the duplicates with the problems.

I would upgrade to a newer version but if it doesn't solve the problem, it could get worse.

Any suggestions?


21.05.2016, 00:07

@ timhalford

Reconciled items appearing from the past

This happened again but with a credit card account. Two items from the last reconciliation appeared with the current month and were not checked. I copied and reposted them with new numbers and deleted the old ones.

Then they stayed checked but still appeared with the current month. I re-saved them and they behaved properly for the current reconciliation.

I checked both accounts to see how they will behave next month and both show the previously reconciled transactions with a previous balance that is wrong.

Do I have a database problem?


23.05.2016, 10:45

@ timhalford

Reconciled items appearing from the past

It appears to have been a database problem.

When I backed up the database to restore, several tables were missing columns in the CREATE TABLE area and they had to be added manually. It would have been easier to find if the terminal output from the restore included only errors and not every action.

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