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All vendors not displayed in report (General)

posted by chas@vircio.com(R), 29.01.2015, 17:58

If I pull an Active Vendors report, different vendors are listed vs a Vendor History Summary.

What qualifies a vendor as "active"?

Almost all of the vendors have a record in AP - what tables does a History Summary report look at to pull data?

All of the vendors have a matching record in the address table (vendor.id =
Anything else I can look at?

Thanks for the reply Dieter!
No doubt it was an upgrade/import issue.
The guy who did it struggled to get it done in workable condition.
Can you give me a hint what additional tables/fields might be
I have just over 100 vendors which I can probably fix by hand if I
clue what to do.

Under Vendors-> Reports -- Search

If I select the "All" option, it does not display all my vendors.
Selecting any of the other options on the page (ie Open and/or
seems to make no difference. I get the same list.

The missing records are not contiguous.

Looking at the Vendor table in Postgres, they all have a proper
and NULL enddate.

A History report likewise presents the same limited set of

could be from importing data without knowing what to import. vendor
information is split up in various tables and if a link is missing
won't show up.

you need at least one link to the address table.


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