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cache problem (General)

posted by gripa(R) Homepage E-mail, Spain, 14.01.2015, 09:10


If we do an changing in fe. an AR-invoice we donīt see the changing after we have post it.
You see the change in the overview but when you click on the invoice we have updated you do not see the changing.

If you click now on your right mouse button and reload frame you will see sometimes the changing you have done sometimes not.
Now I open it in a new other browser (cache cleaned) and you will see it straight away.

sql ledger 2.8.30 is running fine but i takes a long time before you see any changing we have made.

Is this a cache problem ? if yes where is the cache header arranged ?

On the same server we are running version 3.0.3 without any problem.

Kind Regards,

Martin Boulonois


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