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Upgrade problems (General)

posted by JayArr(R) Homepage, Mission BC Canada, 07.12.2014, 19:40

Thanks Dieter!

I don't know why I didn't see that there, I've only been in that file a dozen times in the last few days. I guess sometimes you just get a little blind.

Tex works great but I still can't print.

I can print .pdf to screen or save as a file but I now have the new problem that it won't send it to the printer, I'm sure this last problem is some simple syntax error on my part.

My printer is called Frankenstein (heavily modified, no covers, wires everywhere Xerox network copier) :-)

when I print to it I get the error:


| lpr -P Frankenstein : No such file or directory

I can print a test page to Frankenstein from the CUPS admin page
From the command line 'lpr -P Frankenstein VERSION' works, I get a page with '3.0.6'
I can run 'less VERSION | lpr -P Frankenstein' and get a page with '3.0.6'
(BTW these last two also work as lp -d instead of lpr -P)

so I think I'm set up properly to print.

I went into System/workstations

Under 'Default'

Printer Description = Frankenstein

Command = lpr -P Frankenstein

so what did I get wrong?


Hi All

I solved this problem,

ln -s /usr/local/bin/pdflatex /bin/pdflatex

I'm guessing that sql-ledger is looking at /bin for pdflatex and the
that FreeBSD installs it in /usr/local/bin is the problem.

It should be noted that I can type pdflatex from my command line and it
will run so the environment variables on the server are including
/usr/local/bin, sql-ledger is either using a direct location of
/bin/pdflatex or it's not picking up the environment variable to include

I hope this post will help the next FreeBSD builder.



There is a line in sql-ledger.conf to add to the path.

# if the server can't find gzip or latex add the path
$ENV{PATH} .= ":/usr/local/bin";


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