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Taxes by line item on Sales order (New Features)

posted by Brian Dunn(R), 31.08.2014, 18:38

I am looking for a way to control the taxes by line item on a sales order.

I have two sales taxes (PST and GST) most lines contain both, some contain
only GST (Lease amounts, shipping etc).

The other issue if since we have native bands with both on
reserve and off reserve billing some lines have PST and GST, other lines
have no taxes.

Define the tax rates in the system defaults.

For each service or product, select which tax rates apply to that exact service or product. Some will only have one tax, some both, some neither.

For each customer or vendor, select which tax rates apply. A customer from out of region might not have to pay local taxes, etc.

Once the tax rates have been set in the system defaults, and per service/product, and also per customer/vendor, then every invoice from that point on will compute the taxes per line automatically. For each invoice, you can also select whether taxes are included in the price, or itemized separately.

If you have a service or product which is sometimes taxed and sometimes not, for reasons other than per-customer/client, then you will have to save-as a copy to create a new service or product, so that you have one with the tax and one without.


If pay a tax when you perform a service 'here' but not 'there', you might be able to use one service with the tax turned on, and different clients with the same tax turned on/off depending on whether they are located 'here' or 'there'.

If a client is a non-profit, you could set their record to pay no taxes. Local clients could have their records set for local taxes only. Out-of-region clients could be set for no taxes.

Different products/services which are taxed at different rates could each have just one of the taxes turned on, but not the others.


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