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GST Tax does not show correctly in Invoice (General)

posted by venky4025(R), 16.04.2018, 20:36

I tried adding sell price for some of the individual items But, it did not seem to make any difference to the taxbase nor GST. The funny thing is that the it takes a value of $5 for the parts for some reason.

I tried something different this time. I change the value of kits from
$5,490.00 to $10,490.00 to see if makes a difference. I suspect that there could be an issue with the decimal places when calculating from kit value.

The GST changed from:
GST on 162,995.00 8,149.75
GST on 163,000.00 8,150.00
So it seems to be dividing the value of kit by 1000 for some reason.
When I change value of kit to $13,490.00
GST changes to:
GST on 163,003.00 8,150.15


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