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GST Tax does not show correctly in Invoice (General)

posted by venky4025(R), 16.04.2018, 18:07

I am using Kit assembly for spare parts in the sales invoice and it seems to work well as it pulls all the parts automatically in the invoice. But when I print the Invoice (pdf/html) it shows/calculates wrong amount for GST.

The GST shows up correctly on the AR Sales invoice on the web page

Subtotal 168,480.00
GST 8,424.00
Total 176,904.00

But when I print the invoice, it does not include the Kit amount (actually it only includes $5 from the kit and does not add GST to rest of the kit value. Please see below:

Subtotal 168,480.00
GST on 162,995.00 8,149.75
Balance Due 176,629.75

I have checked all the parts in kit assmebly have both GST and PST checked.

Value of rest of items : 162,990.00
Value of kit: 5,490.00
So GST should have calculated on total of 168,480 and not 162,995.00.

I am not sure why it adds $5 to the base amount either.


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