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Drop Down List Missing (General)

posted by Richard Rogginger(R), 23.01.2018, 15:28

I awoke New Year's Day to find that a hard drive had failed in the computer
where my SQL-Ledger lives. But I make backups!! So in with a new hard
drive, reinstall system (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, that's what was there before, so
I wanted to keep things the same with no surprises, plus it's still
supported...) Installed the same version of SQL-Ledger, 3.0.7, restored
from my backup, and Voila! Everything is there!! Everything works,

The drop down list for Customer and Vendor Invoices is replaced with a box.
When I click in the box and hit return it gives me a complete list of
customers or vendors, I can select one and all is well. But where did the
nice drop down list go?

It's missing too on the Cash Receipt page.

I upgraded using the next revision to 3.0.8 by untar-ing over the present
installation, fix permissions and all is well but still no drop down list.

It's amazing how you get used to something as simple as a drop down list.

How do I get it back?

Well I got those pesky drop down lists back. But there is probably an easier way....

I did a clean install starting at version 2.8.22. I started with a fresh dataset.

Drop down menus are now working.

I then upgraded to 3.0.7 where I was before the crash. I had to go through the upgrade steps with the editing of the members file and the moving of the templates, but it all went swimmingly. I then did a database restore on that fresh dataset. And now I have the drop down lists again.

The last step was an upgrade to 3.2.6.

I had one more glitch: when I went to print I got an error:


templates/templates/Richard/invoice.tex: no such file or Directory

I then made a "templates" Directory inside of "templates" and copied the "Richard" Directory and all its contents inside of the nested "templates" Directory. Printing now works as well as saving as a pdf (screen).

Still wondering if there is an easier way....

But this was a fun challenge!!


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