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Tax problems double check this on your installation. (General)

posted by JayArr(R) Homepage, Mission BC Canada, 01.01.2018, 18:34

Hi All

This isn't a bug or a defect but it is something that we should all know about how sql-ledger works. I just found out about this today while doing some other coding so maybe everyone else already knows but if not here it is.

If you end a tax code by filling in the "Valid To" entry in the "System" "Taxes" screen and you then create a new tax code with a higher rate linked to the same chart account number, as I did when New Brunswick raised it's HST rate from 13 to 15% a couple of years ago, it is not enough just to update your New Brunswick customers to the new rate!!!!!

Little known to me a new tax rate is not automatically applied to all of my existing parts and services so I continued to sell to NB customers thinking they would be charged the new rate, after all I had updated the NB customer profiles. Unfortunately since I hadn't updated my parts and services none of my NB customers were charged any tax at all!!!!

I've got hundreds and hundreds of parts and services and none of them have the new 15% NB HST checked off. I now have to either make a pot of coffee and spend a few hours bored stupid while I pull each one up and change it or I have to write an SQL scrip to add the new tax rate to all of them.


Is there a better way to do this?


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