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GST in French (General)

posted by JayArr(R) Homepage, Mission BC Canada, 01.01.2018, 18:22

Hi All

I've been setting up my French forms starting with invoice.tex and I ran into a wrinkle and found a workaround so I'll post for others to see.

Tax codes are listed in latex forms according to that you called the account in the chart of accounts. I, for instance, called account 200200 GST. Whenever I print an invoice that has GST Latex pulls a value for "taxdescription" and uses it in the form to print eg: "GST on 272.02 13.60" using the latex command "& taxdescription on taxbase & tax \\"

The trouble is that in Quebec and other french speaking parts of Canada they don't call it GST because GST is an acronym for the english term goods and services tax. In french the acronym is TPS.

There is no way with the current sql-ledger to pull a different term for "taxdescription" based on the language of the customer so I thought of two options and one led me down a rabbit hole to a possible big tax problem.

My solution, while not optimum, is to simply rename account 200200 to GST/TPS. The tax will now be listed as "GST/TPS" on all invoices english or french. Ideally english invoices would say GST and french invoices would say TPS but sometimes you have to settle for a pragmatic solution.

HTH anyone going down this road.



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