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"text_amount" and "decimal" in French (General)

posted by JayArr(R) Homepage, Mission BC Canada, 31.12.2017, 14:32

Hi all

All of my install runs in english but I want to be able to send out invoices in french to my customers who speak french.

I looked at the stock french invoice in the /templates directory but it wasn't nearly as nice as the English form so I've edited the english one and saved it in the French subfolder. So far so good, my wife is fully bilingual and has helped with all of the translation except for one small area.

The text written line of the total amount, eg:

Four Hundred Forty Five ***** 41/100

in invoice text it looks like this:

text_amount ***** decimal/100

Of course it's still in English. and to get this in French I need to find where the code is that produces "text_amount" and I will have to write a duplicate french subroutine and then find a way to call it when the customer is French. I have written this kind of subroutine before for payroll software that needed to print it out on cheques so I'm kind of familiar with it, I imagine this subroutine exists as a small stand alone pice so it can be used on cheques and perhaps other places in sql-ledger.

Can anyone point me to where this subroutine is? I'll be happy to contribute back my French-Invoice.tex and any other code I write to the community.



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