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Howto Restore correctly ? (General)

posted by DavidJ(R), 10.12.2017, 01:32

Hi Forum and Dieter

I have an SQL-L database version 3.0.5 with more than 10 years' data running on an ageing CentOS 5 server with Pg 8.1.
This kit is long past its use-by date, so I'm testing a copy of the database on a newer server, CentOS 7 with Pg 9.5, with latest SQL-L 3.2.5

I have 2 versions of backups of the original database made different ways.
The usual SQL-L Backup, Save to file version; and another made using the postgres pg_dump utility, (saved in plain text format).

I can use the following to restore either backup style :
psql -U dbuser database < backup.sql

Both backup files are of roughly similar size.
Restoration of the SQL-L backup takes a very-long-time, because each transaction is a unique INSERT statement.
Restoration of the pg_dumped backup is real quick, because each table is filled up with a single COPY of bulk transaction data.

While I'm testing this conversion, (and testing our updated small country-specific mods) I'm doing the restoration quite often, and preferring to use the pg_dumped data.

Is this a safe and secure method to migrate data, using pg_dump rather than native SQL-L backup ?
Am I doing this "the right-way" (tm) ?



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