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Still problems with german special characters (General)

posted by Leho Kraav(R), 18.07.2017, 20:19

I am seeing the same thing with et_EE.UTF-8 locale.

Is it safe to assume that this never got resolved?

Testing has showed that DBD-Pg-3.6.2 has an effect when I manipulate it
with the deprecated `pg_enable_utf8` parameter values - but even though
frontend display improves, any umlauts stored in database get mis-encoded.

It is still really difficult to get correct UTF-8 working with modern DBD-Pg.

Based on research and tons of testing, I'm fairly certain the path forward includes the following:

SetEnv LANG et_EE.utf8

Needs to insert `use utf8;` in all its programs. `locale/` templates definitely need it for display, otherwise `PERL_UNICODE` setting will break.

Needs to learn to save UTF-8 data into the database, I'm fairly certain it's plain broken. No configuration scenario that I could think of was able to save the word "td" as "td" in Postgres (as verified by `psql`), instead it gets saved as "t¶¶d" or even worse - encoded multiple times like "tƒ¶ƒ¶d".

If anyone has further ideas who's more unicode-broken here, SQL-Ledger or DBD-Pg, I'd appreciate your thoughts.


Could SL::Form::escape() and unescape() be involved here? These look like incredibly risky replacement operations for unicode.


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