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Missing custom menu (General)

posted by Chad Jackson(R), 23.06.2017, 19:20

Hi Dieter

Firstly WOW, I have not looked at upgrading for a while as everything has been running smoothly and there was no need I have been on 3.0.8 since it was released. So many new features to look at I am not sure where to start.

It is time I buy a new manual.

One problem I am experiencing and not sure if this feature has changed. I can't seem to find any information in "What's New" or online. I had a custom menu which called a perl script giving me a list of customers that need to be paid. After the upgrade the menu is no longer at the bottom of my menu.

I have tried changing from custom_menu.ini to chad@dataset_menu.ini but there is no change.

Am I missing somthing.



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