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Still problems with german special characters (General)

posted by Leho Kraav(R), 12.06.2017, 22:29

Managed to get started with a new dataset - same problem :-(

it does not matter if I use "AddDefaultCharset On" to my VHOST - same
things happen:
I have to set encoding in Browser to western before I post to database. And
then reading out (e.g. list customers) shows correct results with browser
encoding set to unicode...


Maybe I will try tomorrow with a new VHOST - unfortunately I do not have a
spare server with postgres so I have to use the same database server...

At the moment I do not know where to search - it's just try and error :-(

I am seeing the same thing with et_EE.UTF-8 locale.

Is it safe to assume that this never got resolved?

Testing has showed that DBD-Pg-3.6.2 has an effect when I manipulate it with the deprecated `pg_enable_utf8` parameter values - but even though frontend display improves, any umlauts stored in database get mis-encoded.

I have also tried `binmode( STDOUT, ':utf8');` and `use open ':std', ':encoding(utf-8)';`

This makes database values display correctly, but breaks template string display + database input gets double-encoded.

A massive huge mess. Would not touch Perl with a 6 foot pole for web app development, but here we are and have to get this fixed.


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