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Bug In Accounts Receivable Report (Patches)

posted by Gregory West(R) E-mail, Manitoba Canada, 21.10.2016, 14:11

Good morning. I tried the outstanding report using the dates
From:2015-05-01 to:2016-04-30 (Their fiscal year) and the report came
blank. But on the year end balance sheet the AP is about 200K So this
did not work either. Of course all these invoices are paid off as of
today, but back in May they were not.

Good afternoon.
Beware of any "Journals" (aka General Ledger Transactions).
If you have any journals posting to your Recievable/s account/s, of course
they're not included in AR report/s (which comes from the AR subLedger),
and may explain any variance/s between your AR Outstandings report and
Balance Sheet.
Refer Accounting 101.
In the absence of any journals, and assuming your Chart of Accounts
constructed correctly, your AR Outstanding report WILL give same total/s as
Balance Sheet at balance date.
To get these reports with 30/60/90/120 days ageing, you've a few options :
- Use the AR, Ageing report on the last day of each quarter, and save those
reports for your auditor
- Use the Outstandings report at retrospective date/s, copy and paste the
SQL-Ledger report to a spreadsheet. Apply your 30/60/90/120 ageing columns
- Write a short custom report (and hopefully share it with the community).

Well as the case might be I have written a report in Jasper Suites, an awesome open source report tool. If someone would like for me to post it, no problem! Where is a good place to post it (have one for AR and AP) as well as a few other reports for Ledger123.

Gregory A. West
DB&W Systems Limited


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