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Bug In Accounts Receivable Report (Patches)

posted by Gregory West(R) E-mail, Manitoba Canada, 14.10.2016, 09:55

I have bumped into an issue in the accounts receivable aging report. When
ask for an aging report in the past what I get is a report on all
created on or before the specified date and all payments up to TODAYS
not the specified date.

What this means is I have a Balance Sheet saying I have 200K in AR on
31st, 2016. But when I do an aging report I am told I have less then
These two amounts should match. I am being asked for the aging of AR
time, and SQL Ledger is not able to do this. If this an easy fix, or is
a major change?

IMHO you're using the wrong report.
Aging (or Ageing) report is for sending Statements, eg monthly.
If you wanna see what woz outstanding at 31 March 2016, try
AR, Reports. Outstanding, To = 31/03/2016 (or 03-31-2016, or your format),
This report should be alignment with your Balance Sheet.
Tip. Tick the boxes, Due, Subtotal.

Good morning. I tried the outstanding report using the dates From:2015-05-01 to:2016-04-30 (Their fiscal year) and the report came out blank. But on the year end balance sheet the AP is about 200K So this did not work either. Of course all these invoices are paid off as of today, but back in May they were not.

Gregory A. West
DB&W Systems Limited


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