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Slight change to GL Report (Development)

posted by DavidJ(R), 13.10.2016, 06:37

How hard is it to get the GL report to give subtotals by transaction, not
by date. Printed out in Date - Transaction order, but only subtotaled by
transaction. Also only have a line going across the page between
transactions, not each line.

Gregory A. West

For about 10 years we been dreaming of having a GL report from SQL-L thats like a traditional accounts ledger listing.
Anyone else remember the account cards that used to be processed by "Ledger Machine" operators ?

Transactions sorted by date within account, showing transaction details, Dr or Cr amount/s, AND running balance. Closing balance of each account to agree with Trial balance.
Account name and code included as subtitle before transactions, with small space between each account.
Most Balance Sheet accounts would need to have non-zero starting balance for the selected period.

So much to do, so little time.


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