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pdf invoices compiling but not able to preview (General)

posted by Dave(R), 21.09.2016, 13:47


I recently discovered my invoices were compiling in the users directory,
but when trying to preview from the interface, I just get a read out of all
my errors. I scrolled to the bottom of the errors, and realized it was
still compiling. Is there something I need to change to get the preview to
work ? I will see if emailing still emails a completed copy.


It seems when I'm populating counters via \stepcounter in the tex file combined with <%foreach%>(sql-ledger loops) is when the problem is occuring. Did something change from v3.0.8 and v3.2.0 in Form.pm where populating these placeholders is handled differently?

If I replace Form.pm while trying to preview with the v3.0.8 one, it works. I mean I need to clean up my code big time, but it was a nice system I had going.

Might be time to clean up my code and learn more Tex programming lol.


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