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Time Card Entry (General)

posted by Dave Babb(R), 18.09.2016, 13:13

Good Afternoon All,

I have a client who has moved to SQL-Ledger 3.2.1 from QuickBooks. The inventory is in, and the custom assemblies are in. Now the client wants to enter employee time - but there are no projects setup as of yet.

The question is: Can I enter time cards against a faux project (called NonAssigned), then later after the historical projects are setup, move said time cards out of NonAssigned into the actual project?

The Point: The client wants to enter the projects from the past year into SQL-Ledger, then add time, then start generating reports to see the profit/loss on said projects. The issue is we have time cards at the moment, but won't have the historical projects setup until later in the fall.

Suggestions are appreciated!

Sincerely and respectfully,



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