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error message when void receipt (General)

posted by Dieter Simader(R), 08.09.2016, 12:24

I am using Version 3.2.1
Try to void a receipt but I got following error message
Undefined subroutine &main::yes__void_receipts called at
/usr/local/sql-ledger/cp.pl line 127.

run locales.pl in locale/your_language to update the translation files.
I can not find my language English
can tell me which one is English
below is list of my locale folder
befr br ch ct dk eg fi hu it lv nl pt se tr ve
benl caen cn cz ec enGB fr id ja mx pa py sk tw
bg cafr co de ee es gr is lt nb pl ru sv ua

Thank you

edit bin/mozilla/cp.pl, on line 2765 add

sub yes__void_checks { &yes__void_payments }
sub yes__void_receipts { &yes__void_payments }


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