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How to reconcile a Customer Account ? (General)

posted by sqlvlp(R), 04.09.2016, 05:07

We have a customer who never pays the correct amount of any Sales Invoice.
He just pays $200 here, or $500 there, depending upon his available funds.
We happily receive payment anytime he sends us money.
We allocate each payment to the oldest unpaid invoice/s.
Now we need to reconcile his account.
SQL-L can easily make a list of the Sales Invoices for this Customer,
sorted by date.
How do we get a list of his actual payment/s to us, sorted by date ?
How to get this information without manually searching thru numerous
invoices, manually adding up amount/s paid on same date/s to give actual
amount/s received ?
I'm suspecting this might not be possible from existing SQL-L report/s.
Is there a suggested SELECT statement that I could use to create a custom
report ?
Have you try to get reports from
Cash - Reports -Receipts


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