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import general ledger (General)

posted by Gregory West(R) E-mail, Manitoba Canada, 13.08.2016, 10:52

So you are doing much like what I am doing. There is no easy way to directly import a bank statement into SQL-Ledger, but I just use Excel and create the import file. The import file I have in Excel look like:
reference transdate description accno debit credit

2015-10-Pay 2015-10-31 October 2015 Payroll 5750 0 2948.72
2015-10-Pay 2015-10-31 October 2015 Payroll 2450 0 11918.57
and so on....

As you can see some things the bank statement wont have are the Account Number (accno) and any other non-bank accounts involved. Your bank statement will show a deposit of XYZ money, what it won't show is why the money is being deposited in the first place.

Why would you import a bank statement?

I use the GL Import quite a bit. What I use it for is to import GL
transactions from a separate program (specifically a payroll program).

What is it what you are trying to do?

I manually enter many transactions from my bank statement. A simple import
would be easier even if I must modify the entry in the chart of accounts.


more information as to how to use this feature. Could I use it to
bank statement?


Gregory A. West
DB&W Systems Limited


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