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Editing the Warehouse Article Report (General)

posted by Dieter Simader(R), 02.07.2016, 23:27

Hello Forum
My Name is Marcel and

i would like editing the article Report for Warehouse, but I do not
Which file should I edit?

My Wish is Formating for a4Paper, Landscape and a smaller Type Size.

Thanks everybody for help

System: SQL Ledger Ent. 3.1.4

settings are taken from the preamble of the invoice.tex template, that's
the part up to \begin{document}.

So that you do not change your regular invoice.tex template create a new
language and modify the invoice.tex template.

And on the parts report choose the language.

Thanks Dieter for the fast Answer,
but i now how edit a latex template.

My Problem is when i print to Preview the article report

Goods & Service > Reports > Parts > continue with selection more than
standard > Parts Report

Preview as PDF
That file i need to edit, the tabularx for the selected report includes.

Sorry for the Beginner english


there is no file to edit, the tex file is generated.


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