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pdf invoice for v3.2.0 (General)

posted by Dave(R), 18.05.2016, 11:40

Hi, I have a heavily modified invoice.tex that I've been using for
with statements that break rules etc. When I go to use it in v3.2.0 I
an error! I switched back to 3.0.8 and it doesn't give an error. Is
something different in v3.2.0 with latex so that it won't load my



ps. The features in 3.2.0 are nice, I like how it shows cost real time.

check the error file in the users directory.

Hi I checked the error, and it's very verbose. I now have a new problem that perhaps you could help in the mean time. I cannot login now, because it says the dataset is newer than the sql-ledger version. Is there anyway to by-pass this check at login? or fix this issue. I am using v3.0.8, and don't have time to fix my invoice to work with 3.2.0 at this time.



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