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How is the shipto table related to the customer table (General)

posted by JayArr(R) Homepage, Mission BC Canada, 17.05.2016, 15:47

Hi Greg

I don't know if you figured this out but here's what I came up with.

The Shipto table has a trans_id number that corresponds to the trans_id number in the ar table,

In the ar table there is a customer_id number that corresponds to id in the customer table and to trans_id in the address table giving you the customer and the mailing address.


I have to write a quick query based on the ship to address, to find out who
the ultimate customer was. My problem is I am having trouble figuring out
how the shipto table relates to the customer table. ie: If I have a
child shipto record, how do I know who the parent record is?

Anyone have an idea how this is set up?

Gregory A. West


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