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Reconciled items appearing from the past (General)

posted by timhalford(R), 15.05.2016, 18:42

I'm using 3.0.6

When I reconcile my bank account, some old entries are brought up.

For example, in 2016 (now), a few came up from 2012 and were unchecked. I went back to an old 2012 statement and re-did the reconciliation to check one of them. Then, several more appeared.

Then, I reconciled from the beginning, in 2011, to the current statement in one shot.

Now, they still appear but they are checked.

Last month, I couldn't get some old ones to stay checked. At that time, I re-entered those and deleted the duplicates with the problems.

I would upgrade to a newer version but if it doesn't solve the problem, it could get worse.

Any suggestions?


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