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Bug in Add Transaction/s (General)

posted by Dieter Simader(R), 09.05.2016, 15:29

Here's why this issue looks like a bug, and simple steps to reproduce.

User enters a purchase transaction against a Vendor that does NOT charge
Update and post as usual.

Start another AP, Add Transaction.
The Add Transaction screen defaults to the last Vendor used. (Remember,
the last one didn't charge tax)
User immediately selects a different Vendor that does charge tax AND has
Tax inclusive checked, BUT the tax box remains unchecked.
This is confusing, and probably sub-optimal.
It also encourages error/s.

Dieter, hopefully you're not busy fighting wildfires, and will have time to
help with comment sometime. TIA's

edit aa.pl "v3.2", after line 1237 "foreach $item (@taxaccounts) {"


$form->{"select$form->{ARAP}_tax_$item"} = qq|$item--$form->{"${item}_description"}|;
$form->{"calctax_$item"} = 1 if $form->{calctax};


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