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Bug in Add Transaction/s [SOLVED] (General)

posted by DavidJ(R), 25.04.2016, 20:07

Hi Support
We're finding a small but irritating issue.
We're using 3.0.5, so IF this is already fixed in later version, then I'm sorry for raising old problem.
I did search the recent changelog for any mention of this issue, but none found.
It goes like this.
AP/Purchases, Add transaction, from the dropbox, select a supplier/vendor that does NOT charge tax.
The tax boxes disappear from the input window as expected.
With or without making any entries or posting, use the dropbox and change the supplier/vendor to another supplier/vendor that DOES charge tax.
The tax box reappears BUT the default is UNTICKED.
This is not quite the desired outcome. IMHO this should be ticked.
Grateful for any tips or clues for how to fix.

PS. Of course, Add transaction works as expected when selected from SQL-L menu, and the supplier/vendor that charges tax is selected first.

Edit #1. Perhaps this issue emerges only for Supplier/s who have been ticked as "Tax inclusive". Further testing will confirm.


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