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Important Notice about DBD::Pg Version (General)

posted by hartundweich(R) Homepage, Austria, 14.04.2016, 15:16

DB-Pg 3.5.1
sql ledger 3.2.0


the above combination is your problem - you must downgrade DBD-Pg to a version equal or lower 3.2.1.

I googled a little bit for that - I found a suitable rpm for x86_64: ftp://rpmfind.net/linux/opensuse/di...l-DBD-Pg-2.19.3-2.1.3.x86_64.rpm

Or you can also downlad the latest working DBD-Pg version here and compile it on your own:

But I think you have to uninstall DBD-Pg 3.5.1 first before you can install an older version. I do not know how exactly you can install these special versions on your OpenSuse system, because I am using gentoo for about 20 years - it is a source based distribution. That means a little bit more work for the first install of a machine, but very very very flexible when you have to install certain versions of special software.

I hope this helps - at the moment this is the only way how to solve the special characters issue with SQL Ledger 3.2.0 - and you have to remove "AddDefaultCharset On" from your vhost configuration.

Best whishes,

Andreas Fragner


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