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Important Notice about DBD::Pg Version (General)

posted by pjaouen(R), 14.04.2016, 04:18


it would be helpful if you share your config and versions with us -

what says "locale" on the console?
Collation and encoding of Postgres database - best seen at phppgadmin web
Which version of Apache webserver?
Which version of perl language?
Which version of DB-Pg?
Which version of SQL Ledger?
Have you set "AddDefaultCharset On" in your Apache configuration for your
SQL Ledger installation?
And finally: which language settings do you use in your SQL Ledger

Do you french special characters look allright in phppgadmin webinterface?

When you work with PDF documents generated from SQL Ledger - which encoding
do these files have? And uses the latex document the same encoding as the
database/your SQL Legder language settings/the file encoding of the latex
document itself?

I think your problem can be easily solved if you share these informations
with us.

all utf-8 since 2008 without problem

SuSE 421 :
postgres 9.4
apache 2.4.16
perl 5.18.2
DB-Pg 3.5.1
sql ledger 3.2.0
DBI 1.628

I have another machine SuSE 11.4 running for my osCommerce website (needs old php)
postgres 9.0.19
apache 2.2.17
perl 5.12.3
DB-Pg 2.17.2
SQL ledger 3.0.5
DBI 1.616

I am pretty sure SQL-Ledger is running correctly on this old config but I cannot access my data anymore (dataset is newer than version)

I use the 3.2.0 version and I correct data with phpPgAdmin if needed (hopefully bad data are always at the end of tables)


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