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Important Notice about DBD::Pg Version (General)

posted by hartundweich(R) Homepage, Austria, 13.04.2016, 14:24


it would be helpful if you share your config and versions with us - especially:

what says "locale" on the console?
Collation and encoding of Postgres database - best seen at phppgadmin web interface
Which version of Apache webserver?
Which version of perl language?
Which version of DB-Pg?
Which version of SQL Ledger?
Have you set "AddDefaultCharset On" in your Apache configuration for your SQL Ledger installation?
And finally: which language settings do you use in your SQL Ledger installation?

Do you french special characters look allright in phppgadmin webinterface?

When you work with PDF documents generated from SQL Ledger - which encoding do these files have? And uses the latex document the same encoding as the database/your SQL Legder language settings/the file encoding of the latex document itself?

I think your problem can be easily solved if you share these informations with us.

But one thing is sure: if you use SQL Ledger 3.2.0 with DBD-PG > 3.2.1 there are issues with UTF 8 encoding in sending and receiving data from the postgres database. If you intend to use SQL Ledger you must not use DBD-PG greater than version 3.2.1


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