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Still problems with german special characters (General)

posted by hartundweich(R) Homepage, Austria, 06.04.2016, 18:58


I'm using Firefox - maybe I should try Chrome?

It does not matter with which encoding I try to save a customer or employee - I cannot reproduce your postgresql error message - I only get this error message when I try to create a new dataset with austrian charts - but I think this is because the SQL is ISO-8859 coded instead of UTF-8

By the way: just switched back from Apache 2.4 to Apache 2.2 - shit, here we have the same troubles.

So at the moment I do not know how to solve my issues.... Any ideas will be welcome.

Maybe I will set up a different VHOST and try again from the beginning. This is my last idea...

Maybe something is wrong with template1?

Andreas Fragner


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