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Still problems with german special characters (General)

posted by localguru(R) E-mail, Germany, 06.04.2016, 18:19

I just checked my settings in Chrome and Firefox. Firefox uses Westlich encoding, Chrome UTF-8. With both browsers I don't have problems with umlauts when creating or changing an invoice.

Wrong: on login Firefox uses Westlich encoding and then switches to Unicode after login. When creating and saving an invoice with umlauts Unicode is used. If I switch by hand to Westlich I get an pg error when saving:

DBD::Pg::db do failed: ERROR: invalid byte sequence for encoding "UTF8": 0xf6 0xf6 0xf6 0xf6 at SL/IS.pm line 1160.

UPDATE invoice SET
description = 'Sonstiges: Test Rechnung 123 öööö',
qty = 1,
sellprice = 1,
fxsellprice = 1,
discount = 0,
allocated = 0,
unit = 'FP',
deliverydate = NULL,
project_id = NULL,
serialnumber = '',
ordernumber = '',
ponumber = '',
itemnotes = 'üüü ääää',
lineitemdetail = '1',
cost = 0,
vendor = '',
vendor_id = 0
WHERE id = 18860
ERROR: invalid byte sequence for encoding "UTF8": 0xf6 0xf6 0xf6 0xf6Issuing rollback() due to DESTROY without explicit disconnect() of DBD::Pg::db handle dbname=xxxx;host=xxxx;port=xxx at SL/Form.pm line 377.

Though never been aware that browser encoding has this effect, I don't have any problems with my Firefox or Chrome to handle umlauts.



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