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Upgrade from 2.8.32 to 3.2.0 (General)

posted by Dieter Simader(R), 18.03.2016, 10:59


I'm running sql-ledger since 7 years without any problems and rock solid.
Thanks Dieter for sharing! My version is 2.8.32 (running on an old Debian)
and I'd like to upgrade to the newest 3.2.0 on a current Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Can I upgrade directly from 2.8.32 to 3.2.0 or with steps inbetween? Or
should I setup a fresh 3.2.0 and try to import a sql-dump from my old
2.8.32 version?


There is an UPGRADE file in the doc directory. download the source code and extract the file before you install over top.

There is no need to do a sql-dump, datasets are upgraded when you log in. However you must first edit the members file before you can log in.

After the upgrade to 3.2 populate the mimetype table (upgrade 3.0.8 -> 3.2)


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