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Weird PDF error. (General)

posted by Dieter Simader(R), 03.01.2016, 17:28

Hi All

I built a new server for SQL-Ledger and when I got to the end of the build
I encountered this error when trying to print to my printer using the PDF

This isn't a screen error, it is what is printed out on the piece of paper
that comes out of my printer.

ERROR: limitcheck
OFFENDING COMMAND: PDF Parser: Damaged PDF file, failed reading trailer.

The weird part is that I can print PDF to the 'screen' and it works, I can
either open the file with acrobat or I can save it and open it later and
it's fine. THe problem only occurs when printing PDF format to the

I can print postscript format to the printer or screen and it works

So the install is in a "workable" form but I can't help but feel I should
be able to print PDF to the printer.

Any ideas?

Server Specs:
"Latex=1" is uncommented in sql-ledger.conf
I've tried it with and without the DVI option in sql-ledger.conf
I've set the alternate "/usr/local/bin" option in sql-ledger.conf

Use the postscript format to send printjobs to the printer.


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