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Having Invoices / Sales Orders default to group by project (General)

posted by Gregory West(R) E-mail, Manitoba Canada, 06.08.2015, 12:41

Deiter, I did the patch you suggested. Went into the batch print, and printed a bunch of invoices to a PDF. SQL-Ledger did not try to download the PDF to me, nor can I find the PDF on the server. I looked in the /spool dir, and found all the single PDF's invoices created, but I can not file the batch one. Any suggestions?

Checking more and cleaning up the spool directory. I see the print does put the PDF's in that directory. Problem is the reports are still not grouped by project, at least the project header and subtotals are not showing up on the invoice. Here is the code if the file in the ../bin/lynx/bp.pl file: Lines 450 to 485
# default
@f = split /\n/, $form->unescape($form->{"select${arap}_paid"});
$form->{payment_accno} ||= $f[0];

for (2 .. $form->{paidaccounts}) {
$form->{"paid_$_"} = $form->format_amount(\%myconfig, $form->{"paid_$_"}, $form->{precision});
$form->{payment_accno} = $form->{"${arap}_paid_$_"};

$form->{"${arap}_paid_$form->{paidaccounts}"} = $form->{payment_accno};
$inv = 'inv'


# unquote variables
if ($form->{media} eq 'email' || $form->{media} eq 'queue') {
for (keys %$form) { $form->{$_} = $form->unquote($form->{$_}) }

$myform->{description} = $form->{description};

$form->{groupprojectnumber} = 1;


$myform->info("${r}. ".$locale->text($msg{$myform->{batch}}).qq| ... $myform->{"reference_$i"}|);
$myform->info(qq|, $myform->{description}|) if $myform->{description};

if ($myform->{"module_$i"} ne 'jc') {
if ($form->{formname} =~ /_invoice/) {
$total -= $form->parse_amount(\%myconfig, $form->{"${inv}total"});
} else {
$total += $form->parse_amount(\%myconfig, $form->{"${inv}total"});
$myform->info(qq|, $form->{"${inv}total"}, $form->{"$form->{vc}number"}, $form->{"$form->{vc}"} $form->{city}|);

I am needing to have SQL Ledger print invoices, but because of the
of the business, and the structure of the date I need over 95% of the
invoices printed so they are grouped by project. Without the project
grouping the invoice is meaningless.

One issue with this is batch printing of invoices does not work, or does
not work for me, since I can not print batches grouped by project.

Is there any way to make the group by project be the default, even if I
have to rewrite a little code, that is not the end of the world.

Thanks guys

bp.pl, on line 471 just before &print_form; add

$form->{groupprojectnumber} = 1;

The other variable to group by Group is

$form->{grouppartsgroup} = 1;

Gregory A. West
DB&W Systems Limited


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