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taxincluded=1 when using cli interface has no effect (General)

posted by Dieter Simader(R), 04.08.2015, 20:19

When I use the cli interface to programmatically add an invoice and the
argument taxincluded=1 is given, the invoice is setup without taxincluded.
The same happens when i want to post an invoice.

I use this url to add an invoice:

When setting action=post the invoice wil directly be posted, but without
taxincluded which is not what I want.

Has someone having the same problem or am I doing it wrong ?

If not, this might be a worth patching the code. I have been searching for
the right place in the code, but since I am not familiar with perl I was
not able to do it.

Maybe someone could help to point out the place in the code where to fix
it. I found the place where the taxincluded checkbox is checked if
$form->{taxincluded} is true, but $form->{taxincluded} is always 0,
regardless of the url argument given.


ps: tested with version 3.0.8 (same with all previous versions too)

taxincluded depends on the customer's setting and cannot be set from the commandline.


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