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mobile app (General)

posted by Dave(R), 14.07.2015, 08:10

Well I now use my phone to access sql-ledger. It works pretty good, I do all my invoicing while I am still at the customer's house, (service business) and get it to send it to them via email. It's been working pretty good. What I was thinking would be appropriate is an app linked to sql-ledger with reporting, general ledger, and invoicing. You know with app button's and the works. Anyway, I downloaded a java ide and was going to dive into it, but I haven't had the time.

I built some perl scripts instead and just blew up the font's haha.


I am using SQL Ledger extensively and have written an access program that
opens the SQL Ledger tables and reports on them. Are you trying to get an
app to work on a smart phone (Android, iPhone) remotely, or a mobile app to
look at your data inside your company? Not sure what it is you want to

Me, too! It's nice to be able to access inventory when you are at

Anyone experiment with implementing sql-ledger into a mobile app?

I'd be interested in that.

Assuming that SQL-Ledger is hosted by a web server somewhere, all you
on your mobile device is a browser and an internet connection.

I have used a handheld with wifi to access SQL-Ledger hosted on the

Check the docs for ideas about security.


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