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No service from support forum (General)

posted by Dieter Simader(R), 27.06.2015, 15:28

I know for sure that I am making a mistake, but I don't understand why I am
not getting any reply on our questions about the delay in our database,
while we pay for access and help from the support forum.

Also this year we paid invoice number A041715 from 17-4-2015 on 21-4-2015
so I think we did everything as we should do.

Therefore I am wondering why we don't get any answer or a note that we have
to pay for help or service.

What do we do wrong?

The user forum and support forum are two different forums. I did not see a post from you in the support forum, ergo no reply.

The timelag has to do with your postgres server, not with SQL-Ledger. While the connection string can be changed in Form.pm it is not a permanent solution, better fix postgres.conf. check out the postgres site how to set the fsync variable.


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