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Delay in database (General)

posted by clusters(R), 26.06.2015, 12:34

As we are accountants and not IT specialist, we don't know for sure that it
is a problem with the database.

Understood, so I don't believer there were error logs then?

The problem is that the one who installed a few years back these databases,
was putting them on an other place as normal with his own security way of
handling these databases, so that we are unable to dump these databases to
try them on an other SQL ledger system.

It sounds like the physical and logical layers should not matter to you if you would just wanted to dump a database out for testing. My guess is that you run separate dbs for each clients, so you have many. You may have a hard time dumping out the db using Postgres export function if you are not an IT guy. Now, can you just use SL's system->backup->save to file to dump the data?

I have to ask the the company who is hosting and manageing the dedicated
server (TMD) if they cinfigured Postgres to utilize this memory.

What I mean with mutations is a booking in the system (posting).

It's probably Perl/coding related issues. I would first learn how to make that error repeatable. That would help you to troubleshoot. Does it happen to only one user? As 2.8 should run very stable after all these years, a good chance would be the kernel/packages upgrade and the 2.8 isn't liking something in the new Perl or new Postgres...I had that happened before with Perl...so please go ask you hosting company about recent upgrades and try to match when this mutation begin to occur...

Double posting is no good...Tim


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