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Delay in database (General)

posted by clusters(R), 25.06.2015, 19:31

More info. needed. How you know for sure it is the database? If fixing Form.pl had solved your problem it is pointing to Perl perhaps?

16G is a boat load and did you configure Postgres to utilize all these memories?

I run both the 2.8 and 3 on an older and a newer Linux system and u must have a very high demand system...

Also, what you mean by mutations? I am not too sure if upgrading your database would solve your issues. I also bet you are running your system on an older kernel?

Beginning of this year we had delays in the postgres database, so that
mutations where seen only after (many) hours.

Thanks to Dieter we have got a new Form.pl file and everything worked great
untill now, because we have the same problem again.

We increased the internal memory of the dedicated server from 4 GB to 16
GB, but the problem remains.

Doe anybody know what this is ? (working with 2.8.30 and we are unable to
upgrade the databases tot newer versions).


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