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Bug in {dbconnect} (General)

posted by clusters(R), 09.06.2015, 17:49

Ok...believe I found the issue.

In bin/mozilla/hr.pl line no. 1182 add dbport to the list...

for (qw(company dateformat dbconnect dbdriver dbname dbhost dboptions dbpasswd dbuser dbport numberformat)) { $m{$_} = $myconfig{$_} }

Version is 3.0.8 that I am testing...

I have Postgres 9 running on a non-default port as the default was used by
Postgres 8.

When I create a new user the user can't login as the {dbconnect} is missing
the port parameter. I can't seem to find where that is set. I tried
updating the user conf file manually including the members file but the
member file would get over written without the port no...so no go...any


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