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Upgraded Postgres: changed port number, not able to connect (General)

posted by clusters(R), 04.06.2015, 16:21

Thanks for the info. I didn't even know Postgres 9 uses port 5433 instead of the standard 5432. Well, 8 is our production system and it is compiled with Slony so I was just testing 9 and assigned it a different port no and running multiple instances. We are still running SL 2.8 and I am planning on upgrading SL/Slony/Postgres together.

I think the issue here is with a bug in the HR module and that when creating a user the conf file is missing the dbport parameter...

I have Postgres 9 running on a non-default port as the default was used
Postgres 8.

On my system, I only keep the newer version of Postgres. The newer version
installs with a new port (5433 in my case), as you have seen, while the
older version still uses the default (5432 in my case).

When the new version of Postgres was installed, hopefully the clusters were
upgraded at that time. If not, do so now.

Verify that psql can see the new database in the new Postgres.

Remove the older version of Posgres.

Edit postgresql.conf to make port = 5432


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