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Bug in {dbconnect} (General)

posted by clusters(R), 02.06.2015, 20:02

alright...found the reason was dbport='xxxx' was missing during user creation. added that to the user conf and member files all is well...except for fixing the user creation process...Tim

Ok...further testing I found the port parameter to be removed from the
members file for the user after I did a save preference. I could manually
update the members file and the connection will reestablish; however, once
I did a save preference again the port parameter will be removed and
connection was lost...
so save preference would left out the port parameter of the dbconnect

any idea any one please?

Version is 3.0.8 that I am testing...

I have Postgres 9 running on a non-default port as the default was used
Postgres 8.

When I create a new user the user can't login as the {dbconnect} is
the port parameter. I can't seem to find where that is set. I tried
updating the user conf file manually including the members file but the
member file would get over written without the port no...so no go...any


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