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How to write off debt (General)

posted by RubiconCSL(R) Homepage, Somerset, UK, 18.04.2015, 10:16

Thanks Dieter.

I am quite A basic user really and not too savvy with accountancy terms.

So do you mean put a "pretend" payment through SQL Ledger i.e. add it to SQL Ledger, but it doesn't really happen in real life?

Where do I do the "offsetting GL entry"?


Firstly, I am not an accountant; I'm simply using SQL Ledger to generate
and keep track of invoices. So I'm probably not using a fraction of
it can do and (even after years of using it) I'm no expert!

So, a few years ago, I issued an invoice, which for reasons best not
discussed here, was never paid. Whenever I run the report for invoices
still due, it comes up and will I guess forever. My accountant has long
since written this off (it's only a few pounds anyway). But, it just
annoys me and doesn't rest easily on the eye. So how do I simply write
the outstanding amount as never going to be paid?

I'm using 2.8.24, which I realise is probably well due for an upgrade.
But, I'm sure the process I'm looking for must be the same.

So how do I do it?


pay for the invoice and add an offsetting GL entry for the Bad Debt. If you
don't want this to show up in a regular bank account then create a separate
payment account.

Dominic Raywood
Rubicon Computer Services Limited
W: http://rubiconcsl.com


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