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Chart List Import problem (General)

posted by TCT(R), 15.03.2015, 14:27


First of all, for producing such a good program, please accept my sincere thanks!

A few days ago I downloaded and it and work about on...

My mother language is Turkish and I live in Turkey. In our country GL chart has over 300 items. I prepared 2 files for it, one in iso-8859-9 and other one utf8 form.

This is the any one line from this SQL for your info:
insert into chart (accno,description,charttype,category,gifi_accno,link) values ('103','Verilen Çekler Ve Ödeme Emirleri(-)','A','A','AR_paid:AP_paid','');

When I want to import complete GL chart SQL file from my computer, can see all on monitor, but after the latest click on button, get the following error:

DBD::Pg::db do failed: ERROR: value too long for type character(1) at SL/AM.pm line 122.
Content-Type: text/html

(accno, description, charttype, gifi_accno, category, link,
VALUES ('','description',
'charttype', 'gifi_accno',
'category', '', '0')
ERROR: value too long for type character(1)
Would you please check it where goes it to wrong?




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